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Aidan Moore

Aidan Moore – Acoustic Guitarist, singer and Loop Pedal act
Aidan is now in his 10th year of professional standard performance. A career which started in a small bar
in the UK, and has since seen him take his unique versions of over 600 cover songs and mash ups, all
over the world. From Asia to Antarctica, and everywhere in between!
Since learning to use a loop station in his act, he is able to create interesting and one off versions of
songs and mash ups that are highly entertaining to both listen to, but also watch as he explains to the
audience how he creates drums, bass guitars and backing vocals all live in the moment with just his
guitar and a microphone. Aidan uses a similar set up and technique to Ed Sheeran who is arguably the
best known looper in the world today.
Aidan now lives in San Francisco and since covid, has cut back on the international contracts, cruise ship
and resort work and is already establishing a good local following in the US with every venue he has
played at quickly looking to book more dates! Definitely one to get booked as soon as possible!